Our founder, J. W. Stamp, is a published former Assistant Professor of History, veteran world traveler, and outdoors enthusiast. In 2013, he graduated from a hunting and fishing guide school in the American West, and shortly thereafter moved with his wife, Alisha, and their three children to Kyrgyzstan, where they all still presently reside. His keen interests in Central Asian history and culture, combined with his passion for life out-of-doors and a desire to share those discoveries and experiences, contributed to starting Taigan Expeditions in early 2016.

J.W. Stamp, on horseback in Saruu, Kyrgyzstan.

What is the Taigan Expeditions Difference?

You may ask, ‘What makes you different from other outfitters or adventure tour companies out there?’ A good question, with several answers.

The first is simply this: to our knowledge, we are one of the only foreign, Western outfitters who speak Kyrgyz, rather than Russian, and actually reside in Kyrgyzstan; Kyrgyz is the ‘heart,’ and sometimes the only, language of the people in the high and remote country we go to.

The second answer is the ‘however’ to the first – however, being Westerners, we’re used to what our foreign clientele are looking for in their sporting or tourism travels, and understand Western business practices and expectations.

We are not simply a ‘booking agent’ – we don’t arrange a tour and wave goodbye, saying, ‘Bon Chance.’ Every place we take you, we’ve already been there, and if we do go somewhere new, we’ll be sure to tell you in advance. We’ve already worked with every guide or guest house we recommend. On every Taigan expedition, either our founder or a trusted, proven, capable English and Kyrgyz-speaking employee will personally accompany you, an advantage no other foreign outfitter that we know of offers.

Also, our founder’s background in history and higher education gives him a unique perspective as a guide into the fascinating world of Central Asia, its languages, cultures, and geography.

Finally, and this is kind of a ‘visible intangible’ – our company’s emphasis on ‘hands-on’ experiences, not merely lectures and photo opportunities; we provide a chance to live nomadic culture, not just see it!

We are here with our own family, and understand the special joys and concerns family travel can entail, and we will happily work with you to make your family’s journey not just possible, but downright enjoyable – and even educational! In other words, we are the perfect choice for your explorations of Central Asia!